Cinta Shop allows for returns and exchanges if you’ve changed your mind about a product. This applies to online and in-store returns.

All returns and exchanges due to change of mind are subject to a 30-day return and exchange policy upon receipt of order, subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Item must be in its original purchase condition – packaging must be unopened, unused, unmarked and not defaced in any manner.
  • Items purchased as part of a set or a multi-item pack must be returned as a whole set.
  • This return policy does not apply to items, which have been stated as non-exchangeable or non-returnable.
  • For online orders, shipping costs associated with the return of the product will not be covered by Cinta Shop.

CINTA SHOP operates a zero-tolerance policy towards the buying and selling of counterfeit products. We strive to ensure that all products sold on out platform are authentic and sourced directly from reputable suppliers.

CINTA SHOP is a legitimate online retailer that holds a very high standard and process in making sure that all brands including both local and international brands sold on our website are 100% authenthic.

All products sold on CINTA SHOP are authenthic. However, if you happen to purchase an item that is not up to your expectations, we kindly advise you to return the item for a refund.

We’re happy to offer the following delivery options:

Service Cost Delivery Time Frame
Standard Delivery RM 25 under RM 100 5 – 7 business days for West Malaysia
5 – 11 business days for East Malaysia and Labuan
Free for Orders RM 150 and above

However, do take note of the following terms and conditions for delivery:

  • Delivery times are based on orders placed before 12pm MYT.
  • Delivery fees apply if your minimum purchase falls below RM150 after discounts are applied.
  • Delivery may take additional time during sale periods, holidays, and unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather events.

Delivery is only available on weekdays (excluding Malaysia Public Holidays).

Brands and/or products sold on Cinta Shop’s website must assure us that they have complied with certain criteria, which are focused on transparency in formulation and sourcing, as well as the avoidance of certain ingredients. Cinta Shop’s ‘formulated without’ or ‘excluded ingredient’ list currently includes many high-profile ingredients such as phthalates, parabens, and sulfates, to name a few.

Ingredient or Category : Specific Requirement or Ingredi Are Clean at Sephora products natural, vegan, cruelty-free, organic, sustainable or eco-friendly?

Ent Names (does not include exhaustive ingredient lists):

Sulfates – SLS + SLES
Formaldehyde – releasing agents
Mineral Oil
Retinyl Palmitate
Coal Tar
Undisclosed synthetic fragrances * Products can be formulated with disclosed synthetic fragrances that meet the following two criteria: (1) the synthetic fragrances do not include any of the ingredients listed in numbers 1 through 12 above and (2) the synthetic fragrances are at a concentration below 1% of the total formula.
Acrylates Ethyl acrylate, ethyl methacrylate, methyl methacrylate, butyl methacrylate, hydroxypropyl methacrylate, tetrahydrofurfuryl methacrylate, trimethylolpropane trimethacrylate
Aluminum Salts
Animal Oils / Musks / Fats
Benzophenone + Related Compounds
Carbon Black
Lead / Lead Acetate
Methyl Cellosolve + Methoxyethanol
Methylchloroisothiazolinone & Methylisothiazolinone
Mercury + Mercury Compounds (Thimerisol)
Insoluble Plastic Microbeads ** This prohibited ingredient applies to products that are meant to be rinsed off
Talc *** Talc that is free of any asbestos can be used in the formulation provided that Brand conducts testing to ensure that talc is free of any asbestos.
Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA)
Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) that is 0.1% or more of total formula
Ethanolamines DEA / TEA / MEA / ETA
Nanoparticles **** As defined by the European Commission
Petrolatum and Parrafin USP grade only
Phenoxyethanol Must be 1% or less of total formulation
Polyacrylamide & Acrylamide
Styrene Bromostyrene, Deastyrene / acrylates / dvbcopolymer, sodium styrene / divinylbenzene, copolymer, styrene oxide, styrene
1,4 Dioxane Must comply with the thresholds below in final formulas:
10 or less for products that are meant to be rinsed off, wiped off or removed;
3ppm or less for products that are meant to remain on the skin

Products sold on Cinta Shop are formulated without a list of ingredients you might like to avoid. Most, but not all of the products listed are natural, vegan, cruelty-free, organic, sustainable or eco-friendly.

Shopping with Sephora Malaysia is easy.

  1. Log on to cintashop.com.
  2. To add items to your cart, click on ‘Add to Cart’ with your desired quantity.
  3. To review your items, click on the ‘Shopping Cart’ icon located at the upper right corner of the page.
  4. If you have an applicable ‘Promo Code’, enter it and click on ‘Apply’. Changes will take effect once you have successfully entered the code.

When you’re ready to place your order:

  1. Click on ‘Secure Checkout’ and your order summary will appear for your review.
  2. Fill in your preferred Shipping Address, Shipping Method and Payment Option, then click on ‘Place Order’ to proceed with the payment.

You will receive a confirmation email shortly after you have successfully placed your order.

Unfortunately, once you successfully make an order, we’re not able to make any further changes like shipping method upgrades or change in quantities for your purchases. As Cinta Shop is not liable for replacements or refunds for parcels that have been delivered to incorrect addresses provided, we always suggest reviewing your bag and shipping details before you check out!

For further enquiries, please contact our Customer Service Team here.

Wish to return an item after it’s been received?

You might want to read: What is the Returns and Exchange policy?

You can get in touch with our Customer Service here and include the following details in your enquiry:

  • Order Number,
  • Name of the Item, and
  • Reason for return

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If you’ve experienced an allergic reaction with one of our products, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team here.

Your input will help us communicate to the brand involved and find an appropriate solution! In your message to our Customer Service Team, please include:

  • Your order number / name of the store the item was purchased from;
  • The full name of the product that caused an allergic reaction; and
  • A detailed description of the symptoms experienced

Our Customer Service Team may also ask for:

  • A full view photo of your store receipt (if applicable);
  • Photos of the product; and
  • Photos of the affected area

Since different skin types and conditions may react differently to our products and brands, we always suggest reviewing the listed ingredients of products to help you identify any sensitivities with certain ingredients.

We’re sorry you received a parcel with damaged, incorrect, or missing items/rewards! Let us know by contacting our Customer Service Team so that we can make things better. Fill up our webform here and select the issue as ‘Missing Item’, ‘Wrong Item’, or ‘Damaged / Expired Item’.

Please also include the following details in your form:

  • Image of the Item/Parcel(s) received
  • Name of Item
  • Order Number

Please do not dispose of or throw away any of the items you’re writing in about! Cinta Shop may arrange to collect the product.